Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 04 Sun Blondes.

Guerlain recently released their drool-worthy Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzers (00 Nude and 02 Natural Blondes are currently on my wishlist), but after delving deeper into the brand known for their bronzers, another one from their existing collection unsuspectingly caught my eye: the Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 04 Sun Blondes

Sun Blondes is a mosaic of brown, bronze, tan, pink and mauve shades that, when swirled together, create a beautiful coral-tinged bronze. It has soft, delicate shimmer that  manifests itself into a natural, believable glow on the skin as opposed to an actual shimmery or glittery effect. 

Much to my dismay, the texture did not feel particularly soft or smooth upon swatching it with my finger (perhaps because it is a "sheer" bronzing powder?). However, I haven't actually noticed this issue translating into application, and I don't have any issues getting it to show up or blending it into the skin. All is right with the world.

Below, Sun Blondes is swatched on the left and Dior Aurora bronzer is swatched on the right for comparison purposes. Notice how much redder Sun Blondes is compared to Aurora. Also note the difference in textures that is visible in the swatches: Aurora is a much softer powder than Sun Blondes and therefore, looks a bit powdery before blending.

I'm wearing Sun Blondes below, shown in several different lighting situations.

All in all, I'm glad to have Sun Blondes in my bronzer arsenal because the coral base sets it apart from the others in my collection, and it definitely holds its own. It's a product that ticks the boxes for both bronzer and blush, and you know I love multitasking products ;)

I purchased Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 04 Sun Blondes from Sephora for $51.


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