Women spend 474 days put on her makeup

How much time have you put on your makeup before going to work ? According to a new British study , women spend 474 days - one year and three months - put in their lives on makeup and other cosmetics . Phew !Another survey ( carried out by a company deodorant ) found that women spend £ 100,000 ( the equivalent of about $ 164,000 ) to make-up in her life. This is equivalent to $ 65 per week between 16 and 65 years. There is a lot of money and time.But this should be no surprise considering another recent study found that more than two thirds of women are too afraid to go to work without her makeup . They also think is of course on the way to work is a scary job interview, public speaking and a first date. The survey of 3,000 women found that more than half might be fulfilled which can be seen by their friends , family or partner without makeup . But 70 % said they did not want made ​​by their colleagues or bosses without their hair and makeup to see .
In addition, numerous studies have shown that the right amount of makeup at work can make you look competent. Psychologist Celia Bibby said: "Many women feel that it is a shame that with not wearing make -up and their employers can discriminate linked when they no longer at work , you are screwed if you do not " spruced up. " he screwed if you do not do it.


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