New Revlon Lip Butters.

It's no secret I'm a Revlon Lip Butter fan. I know not everyone is, but I find them to be quite moisturizing and easy to wear, and the wide array of colors means there's something for everyone. Combine my Lip Butter fanaticism with my makeup hoarder tendencies and you get me, obsessively scouring the aisles of Ulta and Target for Revlon's four new Lip Butter shade releases.
The four new shades, from left to right, are: Pink Lemonade, Juicy Papaya, Sorbet, and Wild Watermelon.

L to R: Pink Lemonade, Juicy Papaya, Sorbet, Wild Watermelon

Pink Lemonade is a pale peachy pink and is the sheerest of the four new shades. I also find that it applies the least evenly. When I wear it, my natural lip color still peeks through, which is good because I think it would be too pale on me otherwise. It doesn't add a ton of color to my decently pigmented lips, but I could see it being a nice option when I want to nude out my natural lip color a bit.

Juicy Papaya is a gorgeous, warm peach that I know I'll get a ton of use out of. I've already been wearing this constantly since getting it. It's such a flattering shade for everyday wear and just seems to go with everything. Undoubtedly one of my favorites of the bunch.

Sorbet is a hot pink that is warmer than shades like Lollipop. I love how it makes me look instantly put together, but the ease of application makes it quick and non-fussy - always a plus in my book. This is my other favorite shade.

 Wild Watermelon is pink-based red. As with all of the brighter and/or darker lip butter shades, Wild Watermelon is easy to apply and comfortable to wear, making it a great option for an on-the-go red.

None of these new shades contain shimmer, and all of them stay true to the fantastic lip butter formula and are easy to apply (albeit Pink Lemonade could apply a bit more evenly), comfortable to wear (moisturizing and they tend to wear off uniformly), and have varying levels of pigmentation that can be easily built up. My favorites are Juicy Papaya and Sorbet, although Wild Watermelon is also great if you're on the market for a sheer red. I'm not as wowed by Pink Lemonade, and seeing as how it's been the toughest one to hunt down, I'm a bit annoyed that I did. I'm sure I'll use it, but it's just not really that special, in my opinion. 

I first found Juicy Papaya, Sorbet and Wild Watermelon incorporated into the permanent Lip Butter display at Target, and I found Pink Lemonade a few days later on a special display separate from the permanent shades at Ulta, although I believe all four shades are now permanent. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :)

What do you think of the new Revlon Lip Butter shades? Which one is your favorite?


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