My Week In Photos March 23

This year has flown by so fast already! Cant believe its already March and another birthday has passed. Cant say which birthday.  That'll have to stay a secret.  But Im excited to share with everyone a new post Ill be doing called My Week in Photos.  It just kinda lets you in a little bit into my world to see what I've been up to.  I know I get a lot of people asking "Why aren't you posting more videos?!?!?!!?"  And the truth is Life is Busy! I try my best to post videos whenever I can.  But the rest of the time, this is what Ive been up to. Enjoy

xo Eman

Only one picture this week and I'll actually be taking a little hiatus for the next couple of weeks because Im travelling to Europe!  Im going to Paris and Italy.  Im not very good at taking pics while Im travelling so this is probably the only pic you're gonna see until I get back.  Either here it is.  

This is me on the plane with all my essentials - book, computer, blanket. Off to Paris!


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