Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light.

Being one of the most hyped up powder releases in a long time, of course my ears perked up and I picked up an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder of my own. Can I just say that trying to blindly choose a shade without any online reviews or swatches to reference was the MOST. DIFFICULT. THING. EVER...especially since all 6 shades are meant to work on all skin tones, and the shade choice is really just based on your lighting preference. 

After reading Hourglass' descriptions of the type of finish created by each shade over and over again, I finally settled on Diffused Light, described by Hourglass as "a soft, warm pale yellow that reduces redness and gives skin clarity - like a soft ray of morning light." I suffer from some red blotches (technical term right there) on my face, and although I certainly did not except a finishing powder to completely correct that, I figured it wouldn't hurt either.

Yes, it was sprinkling outside. Oh, the things I do for blogging! :D

It was a bit overcast outside so the the powder looks more white than it is. In real life, it's quite a bit more yellow, as its shade description suggests. I can detect tiny, sparsely distributed micro-shimmer when looking at it, but none of it actually translates onto the skin. Unlike some of the other shades that may be better suited as soft highlight shades, Diffused Light is more of an all-over face powder.

Since I did not purchase the Ambient Powder Brush that is meant to be used with these powders, I simply apply it using my usual Ecotools powder brush, and it works just fine. 

When applied over a dewy base, Diffused Light takes away the bulk of the shine on the skin, while somehow managing to leave just enough so that the skin still looks glowing, natural and never powdered. It gives skin a balanced (neither shiny nor matte), natural-looking finish that just looks like your skin on a good skin day.

The effect of the yellow undertone is subtle. Like I mentioned earlier, I never expected it to completely counteract redness on its own, and it certainly does not, especially since it is only a sheer finishing powder after all. However, used over a base (foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, etc.) and/or concealer that are already working against the redness, I find that Diffused Light just offers up that extra boost of color correcting that helps to make my complexion appear that much more flawless.

Wearing Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light on my T-zone only

Overall, based on what I've heard and read about the other shades in the Ambient Lighting Powder line, I believe Diffused Light may be one of the more subtle lighting powders in the line-up. As it does not have any true shimmer, I also find that it is perfect for use all over the face and ideal for everyday.

I purchased mine online from Sephora for $45, but they should be released in-stores on the 14th.


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