How long-lasting blush on the cheeks

just not long enough on my cheeks . Instead of throwing them away , instead I found a way to keep them with me for a long , long time. :)
Here's what I do to make blush last longer.
Dab a few spots of lipstick color meat, cheek center stand (under the iris of the eye ) to your temples. Then quickly mix with your fingers the lipstick outward until you sheer coverage. Once you have on your cheeks sheer range of lipstick , apply your favorite blush powder upwards out .
A few tips :A. I lipsticks that could promise you a long cover be harmful to the skin was of a dermatologist told. I do not know if that's true or not, but I avoid using from September to May kind of lipstick on my cheeks , atleast . I use the normal red lipstick Lakmé 126 GrundbrautSutra cover.

Second You can also use a pink lipstick for the apple of your cheeks and a brown / red lips nudish tonic for the hollow cheeks as a base. I use a color, and it works well for me.3rd The key is to blend , to mix your cheeks to the temple.4th Applying lipstick on the cheeks to do after you are done your reason - primary care foundation , concealer and environment.


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