EYEBROWS! My Best Tips, Tutorial, & Fav Products

So today we're talkin' brows. Everything brows. From my favorite tried and true products, my best tips, and of course, my go-to brow tutorial.  I love doing these every now and then because products change, methods change, and like everything else, it sort of just improves and evolves. So of course, I love sharing all the details with you all!
It's basically a big ol' brow video.

What makes brows so interesting is that they are so unique from person to person.  Different shapes, sizes, shades... SO different. You've probably heard this said a million times before, but they really do frame your face. Just like other facial features, everyone has different brows for a reason. They go with your face!

So that's why brow tutorials can be tricky. I always say that you've got to work with what you've got. So while there is no exact right or wrong way to do them because everyone needs something a little different, you can hopefully use some of my tips I've learned over the years (mostly from my own trial and error), to help you get your most perfect brows!
Hope you love it!

Products mentioned in video...

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What I wore in this video...

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