A Peek Inside Our Guest Bedroom

First of all, I've got to address your love for the home posts. A big thank you to all who are reading the blog period, but I've got to say how overwhelmed I am by the amount of love I've gotten for these home posts! You guys seem to be really enjoying them and that makes me super happy because I really enjoy them too. 
I've been doing home decor posts pretty regularly on the blog for a while now, but I feel like rather than just an odd post here and there, it's really become a part of the blog. Which has always been my goal here.  I never wanted it to feel too limited to JUST one thing. This is my little happy place to share all of the things I love- from beauty to fashion to home decor to my life! And I'm so glad you guys are loving it too.

Ok, enough with the warm n' fuzzies.  Well, actually, we can keep going with them because to me, that's what a guest bedroom should feel like. 
Comfortable, warm...
n' fuzzy.

I realized a few weeks back that this is actually one of the few places left in the house I haven't really shared on here. 

So come on in and stay a while...

...or at least until the end of the post. ;)

I really love this space. It's almost an exact copy of our old guest bedroom because we used the same furniture, curtains, and bedding. But mostly because of all the little personal touches.

I love how the colors are calming, but still a little fun with the black and white elements. Of course, a plant or two doesn't hurt either. This one above is the fiddle leaf fig (and table) that normally lives in our family room.  Two guesses as to why it's been temporarily relocated up here.
Hint: It rhymes with shrismas shree.
Don't judge.

Something else I love about the room is the mix of textures. That always helps a room come together. For example, the walls and curtains feel very tone-on-tone, but because the curtains are very plush and velvety (plush is a word I don't use nearly enough), it gives it more interest.
Let's talk about the curtains for a minute.  They're basically my favorite.
I purchased a ton of these about  four years ago at our last house. They lived in almost every room, no joke. This color and fabric just works everywhere.  Every time I see them, it just feels like "my home" to me. People always comment on how nice they look and feel when they're here. There's something just so cozy about them.  You may recognize them from our dining room too from this post.

These were seriously a unique find. I get them (and all my curtains really) from a website called "Half Price Drapes". These are called the Velvet Blackout Curtain Panels. Consider my secret, shared.

Anyway, about three or four years ago, I picked up the leopard "throw" and pillow on the bed. I found it at Ballard Designs during a really great online sale and bought it on a whim because I love leopard, but really thought the more subdued leopard was really pretty. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got it. It's SO soft and comfy.  It's actually a twin duvet set.  Basically, I ordered the twin because it was kind of ridiculously expensive and I cheap'd out.  However, looking back, I probably would've sprung for the full/queen knowing how soft and nice it is. It's like a really cuddly flannel material.

I kind of dig it just as an accent though.

The "fuzzy" bench... funny story. That bench is totally the plain little bench that was a part of our old breakfast table set. I decided to sell the table and four chairs at our recent garage sale, rather than keep it in the basement like we had originally planned.  But I thought, why not keep the bench? So it lived all plain and sad at the end of this bed for a while, until I had a great idea to throw my long sheepskin rug over it since I hate actually stepping on that furry guy on the floor and Waylon loves to rub his face all over it (amongst other things) in the morning. So I thought it worked better on the bench.

This next photo of the opposite side of the room really helps you see the true color of the walls...

This was the first room I painted in this house when we moved in.  I've wanted to share it with you for the last 6 months or so, but it seems like other projects always come up. The paint color is called "Edgecomb Gray" by Benjamin Moore. It's a really calm gray that isn't too cool or warm. Actually, in this room, it reads a little more gray than I've seen it look in other rooms (on Pinterest for example). This paint came with us from our old house. I bought the can two years ago waiting to use it in a particular room there, but always changed my mind at the last minute. Looks like it worked out perfectly!

Those double doors lead to the closet space and through the door to the left you can see the guest bathroom, which you may recognize from this post all about it's transformation.

Here's a peek at it:

For more details allll about that bathroom (and lots of before and afters), check out this post.

The chair was one of those lucky TJ Maxx finds. I love the whitewashed wood and the deep chocolate color. It's really comfy too! I love having a chair in a bedroom so people don't feel like the bed is the only place to sit.

So I consider every single room always "in progress", as depicted by the dresser below...

Totally not bad, I'm just constantly changing it up. Not really thinking anything on it is staying in this room or exact place (hello, lens cap), but it's what's there for now. The lamps are from Pier 1 (you probably recognize them from our last house's family room), and all of the furniture (bed, dresser, and night table) are antiques that belonged to my grandparents. I LOVE them.

As for what I'd like to change about this room going forward, obviously, I'm constantly changing decor around, but the main feel of this room is usually the same. While the white bedspread and leopard throw and pillows always stay, I love how I can change out the throw pillows when the mood hits me. Sometimes instead of the black chevron, I put out some pretty linen coral pillows that brighten the room up a lot when I feel like it. Same with our bedroom, I love being able to change throw pillows on a whim to change the feel of the whole room without changing big stuff like an entire bedspread. You can get a peek of our master bedroom in this post. It's still VERY much a work in progress. As in one side (the side never photographed) looks the same as it did the day we moved in.... Awesome. Another post for another day...

I also considered changing out the fan for something a little more fun. But this is a small bedroom that does get a lot of sun, and I feel like the fan is just practical. Plus, it's brand new and actually really nice, so I'd feel silly replacing it at this point because it actually doesn't look bad.

Also, after the holidays, the table and fig will head back down to the family room. However, I'm really digging the plant in there. I think I'll have to find him a replacement that can always live in that room since the light is so great in there.

I know I covered a lot in the post, but if you're curious about anything else, here's a little reference list for ya!

paint: Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore
furniture: antique
chair: TJ Maxx
sunburst mirror: Kirklands
leopard bedding: Ballard Designs (twin duvet and pillow set)
black pillow cases were a gift, monogrammed by my mother in law
sunburst lamps: Pier 1
white ruffle bedding: Target (shabby chic collection)
chevron pillows: TJ Maxx
black and white pillow: Target
sheepskin rug: Overstock
bedside lamp: Target
lamp shade: Pottery Barn

So tell me... Do you all prefer a more bold and fun or more subdued and calm guest bedroom?


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