The Drop-Everything-And-Paint Polishes.

I guess these could also be dubbed my favorite polishes of recent months because regardless of what I already have on my nails, if I read a blog post, watch a Youtube video or so much as see a tweet or instagram photo mentioning either of these shades, that's it - I drop everything and paint.
Nails Inc. Baker Street (left) and Porchester Square

Baker Street is a striking cobalt blue that I lusted after for an abnormally long amount time before finally caving and purchasing it. It's one of those shades that I get tons of compliments on every time I wear it, which I can completely understand, because even now that it's in my possession, any time I see someone else wearing it, I think, "Damn, that's a beautiful polish!" It has that effect on people.

Porchester Square is a more recent addition to my nail polish collection, and I opted for the Gel Effect formulation, just to see what it was all about. The pale, taupey-grey with a hint of lilac is just so....chic. And the formula? In one word - beautiful. I'm able to go about 6 to 7 days without any chipping or tip wear, and the finish is unimaginably smooth and glossy, even without a top coat.

Needless to say, both Baker Street and Porchester Square get my stamp of approval. What are your drop-everything-and-paint polishes?


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