Some Fall Weekend Fun... And OOTD

So I was looking through our photos we took over the weekend and I had to share...

On Saturday, I wore my new over the knee boots (that I'm absolutely obsessed with) and noticed my outfit was a really easy and classic Fall look. So Brad and I ran outside real quick and took some photos for an OOTD.
Meanwhile, Waylon was running around the backyard playing like crazy. We recently had the backyard at our new house fenced in so he could run around without us worrying about him taking off. So we probably spent half of the weekend in the backyard playing with him.  Of course, I took some precious photos of him.

So here's a few of them... Enjoy Waylon's cute-ness (and the bow-tie)

Weird action shot...haha Waylon was taking off toward the camera.

And here's the OOTD...

Weird time of day to take photos out there. But hey, I don't have all day to wait for the sun to go where I want it. We had a puppy to play with, people.

The ones inside actually came out better! haha

 Just a super simple look. Just realized I'm wearing all my favorite things... My favorite sweater, favorite scarf, favorite jeans, boots, and bag.  Crazy.


So did you all do anything fun this weekend?? Don't miss my new makeup tutorial I posted yesterday! Check that one out here.

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