Fall Trends Vol. 1: Fashion, Haul, Wishlist, & OOTD

So if you've seen my last few posts, you've probably picked up on the fact that the whole yearly "Fall transition" is in full swing around casa de Brad and Tiffany.  At least where preparing for Fall is concerned. I haven't gone as far as to start pulling out any Fall decor or anything like that (we'll save that for another part to this series), but I'm in full-on Fall FASHION prep.

So I recently picked up a few items to kick off the season.
...Which technically doesn't begin until late September, but who's keeping up??
Ok, I am.

In this first "Fall Trends" series video, I show you all some of my new Fall fashion finds and a pretty major splurge.  I also mention a few of my favorite trends where Fall clothing is concerned, as well as some tips on how to transition your wardrobe in a smart way.  Also, since the season is just getting underway (again, almost underway for those of you who like to get technical), I'm sharing with you all my Fall Fashion Wishlist in the video as well.

I LOVE lists. Love. Them. I keep a ton of them on my iPhone. Constantly updating. Constantly crossing things off. I LIVE for crossing things off.
So I go into much more detail in the video and mention a few more things, but here are the main things on my Fall Fashion Wishlist...
  1. taller shaft boots (maybe over the knee boots?) Similar to the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 (minus the $600 price tag...)  Looking for an affordable option since I have so. many. boots.
  2. suede ankle boots in taupe or light brown
  3. bright handbag (I explain this in the video...)
  4. flat, more casual ankle boots in black
  5. anything "emerald" (I don't mention this trend in the video, although it may pop up in an upcoming Fall Trends video in this series!)
So that's what I'm trying to stick to. For more on my choices, some trends to look for for Fall, OOTD, and a haul of new Fall items (and so much more!), check out my Fall Trends Vol. 1 video below!

Any other shameless iPhone list-makers out there?? What is on YOUR Fall Fashion Wishlist??


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