Some Recent Empties...

I've never been much for "empties" videos. Never filmed a video on products I've "hit pan" on. Well lately, you all have been requesting these types of videos more and more. So over the past month, I started putting aside products that I had used up rather than throwing them away so that I could put together a little video for you all.
I've got to say, when I started filming the video and thinking of what all I was going to say, it sort of clicked and I suddenly totally understood the appeal of these videos.  I may even like these more than favorites videos.
First of all, if you've ever used up an entire product, chances are, you know a pretty good bit about the product. How well it works, the best ways to use it, and most of all, you've probably made a decision as to whether or not you'll be repurchasing it.
When I took a look at all the products I'd compiled for this video, I saw SO many stand-out products I love. I just think these types of videos are so interesting! Now I finally get it...haha

Check out my video below for all the details on the products I've used up recently and whether or not I think they're worth repurchasing. Hope you guys love it!

So what do you all think about me making these videos more often? Sort of as a monthly or bi-monthly thing? Let me know!


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