Lining the Waterline: Best Liners & Tutorial

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you may have seen my video I posted yesterday all about my new darker hair! I'm so excited about it... If you couldn't tell from the video. ;)

So with the darker hair, I'm loving adding a bit more drama to my eyes. I've always been a big fan of eyeliner. To me, it's one of the biggest ways you can transform your look.  While I've never been one to always line the waterline, or "tightline" my eyes, I've been doing it a lot lately. Even before the color change.
So I thought since this technique - while simple, can be tricky, I'd devote a new video to it explaining some of my favorite products to use in that area as well as a little tutorial/demo of how I've been lining mine.

So to explain the whole tricky-yet-simple thing... What makes it tricky is the area itself. Since it's a moist area, using a liner that transfers to it easily without irritation is key. You not only need to be careful about the products you use, but you need to select products that will last throughout the day as well.  Trust me, I've tried basically every eye liner known to mankind.

Well, maybe not all of them, but I know a thing or two about most of them.

So I hope you guys enjoy my video all about the products I recommend for lining the waterline and the tutorial for how I have been applying mine lately. I also demonstrate my little trick which is what I think is pretty key in helping it stay put throughout the day. It's really simple!

Products mentioned:
NARS Larger Than Life eye pencils in Via Veneto (black) and Rue Bonaparte (nude)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner
Loreal Colour Riche Eye Pencil
MAC Fluidline
Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner
Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil (transfers softer, but lasts a long time)

What are your favorite liners for the waterline?


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