My Week in Photos April 13

Hi Guys!
Well Im back from my trip and it was amazing! I had the best time.  Its hard to have to come back to reality.  I wish I could have stayed there for another month!  But Im back and that means back to work! Ive been working on a bunch of exciting new projects.  Cant wait to tell you guys all about them.

I recently joined with the top agency in Toronto, PLUTINO GROUP.  Im so incredibly excited to be part of this amazing team.  You can now see my portfolio live on their website at

This is me on set with my beautiful model  filming a tutorial for a new special project Im working on.

After a long busy week, dinner with the girls at one of my fave new places Rock Lobster.  Lobster Tail in my Ceaser?? Yes please.

xo Eman


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