Blogs I'm Currently Loving ♥ Vol.IX

I was going through some of my labels the other day and realized it's been over a year since I wrote my last proper 'Blogs I'm Currently Loving' post, although I did post a more comprehensive 2012 list here. Since these are some of my favorite types of posts to both read and write, today's post is long overdue.

I love Alison's blog for her honest and thorough reviews (it was her review of the NARS And God Created the Woman palette that made me want it, after all!), the fact that she always includes swatches when appropriate, and her FOTDs lately have blown me away. On top of that, she is incredibly friendly and helpful both on her blog and on Twitter.

Taylor's blog is a more recent discovery for me, and I've been hooked. She is beautiful, always writes captivating posts, and it certainly doesn't hurt that we just happen to have very similar taste in beauty products too!

I've been obsessed with both Kate's blog and YouTube channel lately. I love that she focuses her simple, refined makeup routine on bright eyes and luminous skin, and her blog has the perfect balance of beauty and skincare, something that certainly piques my interest considering my new found focus on skincare.

Obviously, this is not an all-inclusive list, as there are tons of blogs that I love and read on a daily basis. These are just three of the many that I have been enamored with lately ♥ 

What are some of the blogs you've been loving lately?


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