Made to Last.

When you have combination skin, or oily skin for that matter, it can often be a struggle finding ways to make your foundation last all day. My main problem area, as far as midday shine and foundation/concealer breakdown are concerned, is my t-zone, so when I found out I had a particularly long day of work scheduled last week, I made it into an opportunity to try something new.

I always use foundation primer on long days anyway, even if I'm planning on wearing a long-lasting foundation, like the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation (Shell). The velvety finish of the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, in particular, creates the perfect base to allow Hourglass Immaculate's soft powder finish to glide on effortlessly. I usually get a solid 8 hours of wear time with this combo alone, but seeing as how I was looking for my makeup to last an extra few hours on this particular day, I knew my usual go-to pairing wouldn't cut it. At this point, I was faced with a conundrum - Do I go one step further and powder a powder-finish foundation? After all, how much is too much?

So, yeah. I ended up reaching for the powder in the end - Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation (#120 Neutral Ivory) to be exact. (Tip: Gently blot all over after applying your foundation, but before powdering, to soak up any excess oil from your moisturizer and foundation. This will help powder to apply more smoothly and wear longer.) I opted for just a light dusting of powder with a fluffy brush in an attempt to avoid cake-face, and as I brought the brush up to my face, I thought, "This could be a huge mistake." Thank goodness it wasn't. The powder set my foundation beautifully and added additional coverage to create the most flawless, natural, full-coverage complexion I've seen on myself in a very long time. And this may surprise you (it did me), but when I took a peek at my skin up-close in the mirror, it was smooth, poreless, and perfect. No cake in sight. 

Intermittent restroom breaks throughout the day yielded reactions that became progressively more surprised each time I looked in the mirror and realized I still didn't need to blot. Brilliant. I took one last, good look at my makeup that night before taking it all off, and it actually pained me to see it go. So, does this mean that sometimes more is actually more? Who knew.


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