A Recent Skincare Disappointment.

I love La Roche-Posay. I really do. Their Effaclar Serum is an effective, yet gentle, chemical exfoliant, and the Effaclar Duo helped save my acne-ridden skin a few years back. With that said, you can imagine how much it pains me to write a less than favorable review of a LRP product, let alone a much beloved one.

I wanted to love it, you guys. I swear, I did. But, alas, La Roche-Posay Serozinc failed to impress me.

Serozinc is, essentially, a glorified facial water spray. I was so eager to try it that I had it imported from Belgium, via my mom who was on vacation at the time. It contains water (duh!), sodium chloride and zinc sulfate. The zinc is meant to be soothing and purifying, and many a blogger have claimed that it's helped clear up their acne. Unfortunately, for me, it did absolutely nothing except wet my face, which, as we all know, so can good ol' H20.

I've been using it both morning and night for the past two months or so, spritzing it directly onto my face after cleansing (after toner at night) but before moisturizer. I feel as though I've given it more than enough time to work its magic, and I've yet to notice any difference it's made in my skin. Despite doing absolutely nothing for me, I'll enjoy using it up as it feels quite cooling and refreshing on the skin, and the aerosol spray nozzle is incredibly effective, creating an overpriced, even mist of glorified water. The one use I have for it, personally, is spritizing it on before applying my Osmia Organics Facial Calibration Serum, simply because it requires damp skin for application. 

Other than that, you let me down, LRP. You let me down real bad.


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