A few home decor updates and some fab Kubu chairs...

So today I'm bringing you guys a little home update post. Before we get started, I just want to say that I'm LOVING how much you all are loving these home posts. I think it's totally fun to scatter these in here and there. While there haven't been any huge changes these past few weeks (the last big one was the guest bathroom "black" re-do),  a lot of little things have changed.
Well, I say little things, but they really made a big difference.

First, let's go to (SURPRISE!) the foyer.

You may remember the big "peacock" mirror above the little mirrored console table, but I never really liked the way it looked against the new white walls. I scored this mirror from the Ballard outlet (it was a steal) and I'm loving it there so much better.

I also swapped out the little lamps that were there before with these new ones I grabbed at Homegoods. The old ones found a new place upstairs. 

These were a crazy steal too. They're super heavy and they say "crystal" on the tag. Which is exciting, because they were $34. I got an additional 10% off as well because there were tiny little nicks (totally unnoticeable because they're on the back and top under the shade). So that was awesome.

Here's a shot of the re-located peacock mirror in the sitting room/my office.  I'm about to give this room a new coat of paint which I'm really excited about.... stay tuned ;)

One more foyer update... I swapped out my much loved pink and black more traditional style rug for this zebra beauty that I've had for years and years. It was in the basement and not getting enough love.

The main reason for the switch was Waylon. The other rug was really lightweight and even with a rug pad and rug tape, it slid and bunched up every time Waylon took off up the stairs or crashed down onto it at the bottom. No joke, I even used packing tape at one point to try to keep it in place with no luck. It was also a bit small for the space. I really should've purchased the larger size in that one.
The zebra one has been perfect. Right now, the pink and black one is upstairs in the hallway but I'm not sure if it'll be staying there or in the basement... We shall see.

So let's go back to the lamps and Homegoods for a moment. Since we moved in, I had been looking for some fab ones for our family room for either side of the couch. I had some pretty gold sunburst ones that I didn't really love in the new house. I loved them in our last house, but not so much in the family room here.  But I still love those so I moved them to the guest bedroom and they look perfect there!
Ok so anyway here are the new ones...

Finding lamps for this room had been SO hard! I knew I wanted something a bit more crystal or lucite and a bit more modern and glamorous to offset some of the more traditional elements in the room. I love a mix of both!
So these. are. perfect.

I wanted this style of lamp for a while. I had been looking for some glass/crystal ones at a good price, but that's been almost impossible to find.  I had a smaller version of these from Target, but I only have one and never really felt like they looked nice enough to put in this room. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Target, but these types of lamps can either look really good or really bad and cheap.  These are solid glass/crystal/not sure, but they weigh like 15 pounds....haha. They look SO pretty in person. Pier 1 had these exact ones for over $100. It's pretty rare to find these that are solid that are less than that.
I scored these babies for $45 a piece (including shades and finials), also at Homegoods. Again, I got 10% off of one of them because it had the tiniest unnoticeable chip on the base. No problem because I put that one on the far end of the room. Not that anyone would ever see it anyway, but I figured that made the most sense to do.

I haven't showed the family room a lot (I think I did a loooong time ago on Instagram), but I'll do a full post on it sometime soon maybe!

Here's that little (very yellow) Instagram pic from several months back just to get an idea of what the room is like.

Here's the other side today.

Nothing fancy, nothing super cleaned up... cords everywhere. And don't even mind the cable box sitting out with all the cords. Lightning knocked out our nice one that hides in the cabinet in this room recently so we moved one of them up from the basement temporarily.  Nothing major has changed except the plant. We picked up another small fiddle leaf fig tree and it's doing really well in this room! Planning on changing the chairs over there eventually, maybe. But for now, it works and I'm loving how it is!

Which finally brings me to probably the biggest change!
This one took place in the breakfast area of our kitchen. "New" table and chairs!

I haven't really shared our kitchen at all. Weird because it's probably my favorite room. It's really spacious and perfect for cooking and entertaining. I love it! Of course, we'd like to update some of the appliances down the road, but I just can't justify it because they're working perfectly and honestly the white blends in pretty nice with the white cabinets.
Anyway back to the update...

**Don't worry, the rectangular rug is totally not staying. We just kept it there for now until I find a fab round one that I love to complement the table better. We use this table every day and I didn't want the chairs scuffing the floors.

For reference, through that back little doorway between the pantry and oven is the dining room. There's also a little desk area to the left that continues down the wall with the row of cabinets that the photo cut off. There's a ton more counter space over there. 
For the past several months of living here, we've been using our rectangular table from the breakfast area at our last house. Funny how at the last house, a round table didn't really work in the breakfast area, and at this house,  the rectangular table didn't really work. It just took up too much room and felt a little "dining room-ish".  And yep, that's the same chandelier from our last house! We brought all of the good fixtures we loved with us. ;)

Again, don't mind the rug, it's getting the boot soon.

I really wanted a cozy little breakfast area that wouldn't feel fussy or take up too much space. The table is an antique pedestal table that belonged to my great-grandparents.  I got the "kubu" style chairs at Pier 1 at an incredible price. They were doing a 10% off sale online when you bought 3 or more dining chairs. They honored that discount in-store and stacked it with a 20% off coupon they had sent me for my birthday which saved me a total of 30% which brought each chair down to $69. Not bad! They're really comfortable too.  I love how they added some more texture to the room.  These are basically my new fav things.

The old table moved down to the basement. We have a little bar and kitchen area down there that was basically empty. So that worked out perfectly!

I'll update you guys when I find the perfect rug! Any ideas? I'm on the hunt...


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