New Powder Room Decor

So as promised in my previous post about this room's big re-do, I wanted to share with you a quick post about all the little decor details I've added to it during the past month.  Nothing crazy, just a few little touches that made the room feel complete.

This is how she looked last we left her.... Wallpaper free and with a fresh coat of pretty paint.

Here is what it looks like now from the hallway...

Normally not a fan of decorating a toilet, but I put this little tray on top I've had forever along with a silver Tory Burch candle and I think it looks pretty cute... But ugh, I hate seeing toilet paper. haha Is it just me? I may get one of those little toilet paper holders that hook to the tank. So I could put it on the right and it wouldn't show.  But I know, I know... It's a bathroom. Toilet paper is kind of a given.  Same little antique table to the left of the toilet which I talked about in the last post about this room.

The biggest challenge for this room has been finding a great mirror. So up until last week, that wall was bare until I couldn't take it anymore.

...and added this one that I hadn't found a great spot for yet. I like the way it looks and the way the different facets reflect the light. I WISH that it were more rectangular so it would be a bit longer, but it works.  Who knows, I may still find the perfect one for that space, but this one works for now.  The litte birdcage in the lower left holds extra toilet paper, although I'm not sure I love it there. I may store it away in a closet because we know how I feel about toilet paper.

What really pulled the room together, I think, are these 4 pictures that I'm in love with.

These were a lucky score from the Ballard Outlet in Atlanta. They each are unique and have beautiful little ceramic cameos depicting what appear to be Greek figures (?). I could totally be wrong.  Anyway, they were such a find because regularly they were a (completely unreasonable) $199 a piece. Unless Zeus made these himself, no thank you. Maybe not even then. But I scored them for $30 a piece at the outlet! I've had them for a few years now.

So that's that for this room (for now). Currently I'm tackling another bathroom project. I'm painting one of our upstairs bathrooms a gorgeous shade of satiny black. Cannot wait to share it with you!

paint color- Benjamin Moore Abalone
gold table- antique
mirror- Michael's
wall art- Ballard Designs
rug- Anthropologie

For MUCH more on this room and how it came along from this...

I apologize.

... check out this post all about it!

AND be sure to look out for a new beauty video coming up this week as well!


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