My Week in Photos

My week was filled with travel, weddings, photo shoots and even a little photo shoot of myself! Check out my pics below from my last couple of weeks adventures.
xo Eman

I hope on a flight to go to the states to visit the factory where my brushes are produced. All I packed was Mint Brushes.

The view from my seat. Left at 7am and was back home in Toronto that same evening. Exhausted is an understatement of how tired I was.

 I got to shoot with a great photographer Genvieve Caron. She did some amazing things with light and movement. It was so fun to watch her work. And I love the makeup and hair I did on the model for this shoot. Stay tuned for these pictures coming soon.

I decided it was time for me to get some new portraits so I got my friend and photographer, Georgia Esporalas to take a few shots of me. I love how they turned out!

Filmed a new Wedding Bridal Makeup look for all the brides this season. Make sure to watch it if you havent already!


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