Easy Beach Hair...Minus the Beach.

I'm typically pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair, and I couldn't be any less picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner for the most part. However, when I recently ran out of the random drugstore shampoo and conditioner pair I was using, I suddenly had an itch to try something new....something higher end. So, with the beautiful summer weather we've been experiencing and all the buzz circulating around a certain Bumble and Bumble duo that had just launched, the decision was more or less made for me.

The Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Creme Rinse Conditioner claim to help hair achieve "buoyant body and soft, seabreezy texture." Sounds pretty incredible if you ask me. 

I was hopeful yet apprehensive at first, but the two really do deliver. I'd say they're best for normal to oily hair types, though, as the shampoo can make the hair feel a bit stripped of moisture (I think this helps to achieve volume and texture), and the conditioner is one of the least hydrating conditioners I've ever used. If hydration, softness and shine are what you're after, these are not for you. To be honest, I like the shampoo more than the conditioner since my hair can often still feel a bit knotty after conditioning, but somehow I believe that one needs the other in order to work as brilliantly as they do together. My hair that is normally silky, sometimes to a fault (meaning, no texture...just flat and pin straight), is left feeling like I've just spent the afternoon at the beach, rolling around in the sand, frolicking in the water....except cleaner and more importantly, sandless.

To run with my newfound beachy,voluminous hair, I've been loving sleeping with it in a bun while it's slightly damp in anticipation of loose, effortless waves by the morning. When I wake up, I shake out the bun and admire my Victoria Secret-wannabe waves while creepily giving myself a wink (or two) in the mirror before spritzing in a bit of the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray and messily and haphazardly scrunching and fluffing (technical terms there, obviously). The Hair Resort Spray smells deliciously of coconut and sunscreen and just maximizes my hair's beachy texture while offering a light, scrunchable hold to make it last all day.

Here is the finished product:
Considering the photo was taken at the end of a 9 hour day, I don't think it looks too shabby! 

I could not be any happier to say goodbye to my limp, flat and lifeless hair and hello to tousled, effortlessly chic beach hair. I have a feeling this triad of products will be all that touches my hair this summer.

I purchased the Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo ($24) and Creme Rinse Conditioner ($25) from Sephora, and I purchased the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray from my hair salon, but it looks like it's also available on Amazon.


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