MAC All About Orange Collection

I have to admit, when I first heard of this collection, I was a bit afriad skeptical. Orange isn't typically my number one choice of shades to put on my face.  However, I think MAC did this in a really tasteful and wearable way.
It's not a huge collection, but it contains 7 Lipsticks, 3 Cremesheen Glasses, 1 Eye Shadow quad, 3 Powder Blushes, and 5 Nail Lacquers in really wearable orange shades or shades that complement the orange shades really well.  To me, the collection centers around the lipsticks since there are so many and they are truly all beautiful shades.  The 3 powder blush shades look absolutely gorgeous as well, although I don't have any of those to show you. I will DEFINITELY be looking to get a few of those, although I'll definitely be checking them out in person first to make sure they aren't too similar to other stuff I have.
Ok so enough chit chat! Here's the items I have from this unexpectedly beautiful collection.

 MAC All About Orange
Availabe June 6th-July 22nd
All MAC Locations

Lipstick $15.
(l-r) Sweet & Sour, Flamingo

Cremesheen Glass $20.
Imperial Light

Eye Shadow x4 $40.
Rainy Season (Rainy Season, Arctic Grey, Courtley Grey, Typographic)

Nail Lacquer $16.
Ke Ai

So what are YOU guys eyeing from this collection? I am definitely going to check out the other lipstick shades and blushes!

Products provided for consideration by MAC Cosmetics with no agreements or obligations to feature.


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