Easy Summer Dress OOTD ...and something new underfoot

Happy Friday, Loves!
Today I wanted to share a really easy (and affordable) look with you all. Well, minus the bag. Because if you guys know me at all by now, you know that I like to invest in my handbags. I don't have a ton, but my philosophy is that I'd much rather invest in a few classic handbags that go with anything and that I can carry forever, rather than spending a lot (or a little) here and there on a huge collection of trendy bags over the years that would add up to the same amount anyway. Trust me. It works out.

But no worries, you can totally put any type of bag with a look like this. I was dying to break out my new Target wedges (you may remember from my recent Target shoe haul post here) in this gorgeous shade of coral. Pairing them with an easy dress like this in a natural tone allows you to have fun with your accessories! No matter what you put with a dress like this, you can't go wrong.

Oh, and I know...The OOTD posts have been a little few and far-between lately.  It's for good reason... Do you notice something different in the photos below?

and no, it's not the awkward between-the-legs birdhouse shot. 

I know, it's probably a bit hard to know what you're looking for unless you had a before shot to compare it to, but we totally built a patio this past weekend! Look for a post for the completed photos and how-to details of that coming up soon...
Anyway, I'm pretty much loving it. Because this is my favorite spot in our backyard to take photos,  I now don't have to worry about getting my shoes messed up in the grass and dirt.  Plus, we have an awesome spot for outdoor patio things that don't really work on our screened-in porch, like our grill and gas fire pit. 
It's still a bit muddy around the edges, but I can't wait to spruce it up with some pretty plants.

Ok, so back to the outfit details...

dress- Forever 21
shoes- Target
necklace- BCBG
earrings- Henri Bendel
bag- Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM
double ring- Henri Bendel (these are available again!) 

 Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!
Don't miss my June Favorites video that just went up on my YouTube channel today as well!


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