The New Jack Black.

During the month of December, I started off in Portland, then I went to Orange County, Vegas, Seattle, and finally back to Portland, and I must have gone to 5 different Sephoras in total. I can't remember for certain which one I ended up finding this gem at, but I'm glad I did.

Of course, as is true with many of the other great lip balms on the market, Jack Black being one of them, this one came from a men's skincare line: Anthony Logistics For Men. It even says so in the name, as if to remind me that it really wasn't meant for me...but I don't care :P

The Advanced Formula Lip Balm has SPF 25, and the scent I have is Blood Orange. I'm not usually much into citrusy scents, but I. LOVE. THIS. It smells (and tastes.....not that I would know :P) exactly like orange soda! Yum.

It has a plastic, slanted tip applicator, much like the Jack Black lip balms, and the balm itself is clear with just the slightest touch of shine on the lips. I'm sure it's not really mean to be shiny since it's geared towards the male population, but I imagine it's also quite difficult for such an emollient product to be completely matte, don't you think?

When I apply it to my lips, the gorgeous thick, yet emollient, texture coats my lips and actually sinks in. Compared to products that just sit on top of the lips and all moisture is lost once the product wears off, my dry lips feel healed and considerably softer and more supple than they were before I applied the balm. It works fantastically both during the day and overnight because it lasts for hours on the lips. 

My one and only qualm about it is that when the weather is cold, it can be nearly impossible to squeeze it out of the tube! I've literally had a moment or two where I had to just switch it out for another product because I couldn't get any product out. I've never experienced that with my Jack Black lip balm before, but in comparison, I'd say the Anthony Logistics For Men balm is slightly thicker than the Jack Black, so it makes sense that it'd be more difficult to squeeze out when it's cold.

When comparing the ingredient lists of the Anthony Logistics For Men and the Jack Black balms, the two are pretty much identical, which explains why they perform so similarly. I honestly don't have a preference between the two formulas, although I may be slightly partial to this one simply because I'm infatuated with the scent and taste! The lip balms from both brands contain 0.25oz and will set you back $7.50....$7.50 well spent, if you ask me :)

You can find Anthony Logistics For Men Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF25 at Sephora.


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