New Drugstore Lipstick Round-Up.

This past month or so has been an exciting one in terms of drugstore beauty products, particularly in the lipstick/stain realm. Although I'm often hesitant of new releases in the drugstore because I've tested my share of dud formulas, there was simply too much (positive) commotion surrounding these new collections that I couldn't resist.

First up is Maybelline's Color Whisper range, and I have the shade Who Wore It Red-er

These lipsticks did not come sealed in any way (not the best news for those of us who may be part of the Hygiene Police), but as a result, I was able to open them up to take a look at the actual color of the lipsticks since it's impossible to tell through the translucent red casing. I chose Who Wore It Red-er because it looked like a gorgeous terracotta red that was unlike any red I currently own, but much to my dismay, it applies like any old generic pinky red on my lips :(

Despite my disappointment in my shade selection, the lipstick itself is smooth, hydrating and balm-like, and the color is sheer yet buildable. 

Next, I purchased two lipsticks from Maybelline's Vivids collection in the shades Vibrant Mandarin and Hot Plum.

I'm in love with these. They are 100% opaque, and the formula is the perfect marriage of creamy and dry - as in, it's creamy enough to apply easily and evenly, but dry enough to last and last on the lips without budging. These also leave a mean stain, so if a several hour commitment to your lipcolor isn't your thing, you may want to think twice about these ;) 

Vibrant Mandarin is a bright, warm orange, and Hot Plum is a bright purple with pink undertones. Both shades apply true to color and are unlike anything else currently in my collection. LOVE.

Vibrant Mandarin

Hot Plum

I wore Hot Plum out the other night!

Last up are probably the most talked about drugstore lip products since the Revlon Lip Butters due to their uncanny resemblance to the YSL Glossy Stains (which I haven't tried, by the way), and they are L'Oreal's Caresse Shine Stains. I have the shades Infinite Fuchsia and Berry Persistent.

Infinite Fuchsia (left) and Berry Persistent

These look like lip glosses but have a unique gel texture that dries down to something reminiscent of a coating on your lips. There is little to no transfer once the product is dry, unlike the traditional lipstick formula. And as expected based on the name, it has a wet, shiny finish and leaves quite the stain underneath.

Although I haven't tried the YSL Glossy Stains, I have tried Maybelline's Super Stay 10Hr Stain Gloss before, and while those apply just like these L'Oreal Shine Stains initially, my main issue with Maybelline's version is that it looks horrific as it wears off since it fades from the center of the mouth out. With L'Oreal's version, I notice that it wears off evenly. Phew.

Infinite Fuchsia applies more like a red berry shade on me, while Berry Persistent is a bit darker and more purple in comparison.
Infinite Fuchsia

Berry Persistent 

L to R:
Maybelline Color Whisper in Who Wore It Red-er
Maybelline Vivid in Vibrant Mandarin
Maybelline Vivid in Hot Plum
L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain in Infinite Fuchsia
L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain in Infinite Fuchsia (stain)
L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain in Berry Persistent
L'Oreal Caresse Shine Stain in Berry Persistent (stain)

Overall, I'd say my favorites from this slew of new releases has to be the Vivids. The two shades I have are ridiculously bright and pigmented, the lasting power is fantastic, and the collection as a whole is just an exciting change of pace for the drugstore. And I apologize for not noting the exact prices I paid for these, but since they're from the drugstore, I believe all were in the $6-10 range :)

What are your thoughts on these new releases? Yay or nay?


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