Target Fall Fashion Finds! & Michael Kors Selmas...

Hello and Happy Monday to you all! I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! We sure did. My weekend was made especially sweet with the addition of a few new (and very affordable) jackets and sweaters to my wardrobe, thanks to Target.

I've also been dying to tell you all about my newest handbag obsession as of late... The Michael Kors Studded Selmas. Oh my goodness. I'm in love with them. I started with the messenger, then the satchel. It's a sickness.
So this is definitely a major combo post. Since I combined this latest Target fashion haul with my new MK Selma bags in my newest video (you can check out that goodness at the bottom of this post), I figured I'd combine the blog post too. Sound good?
K, lets go.

So this weekend, as most Saturday mornings go, I headed to run some errands and pick up a few groceries, which brought me Target.

Before I go any further, I've got to go ahead and just admit it.  I've totally slacked on my "Target Finds" blog posts lately. I started that little series over a year ago on here and have really not been great about sharing my new finds when I, well, find them.
But my point is that I haven't forgotten about them and I'll definitely continue to update you all when I find some great things at Target.

So let's start with these fab jackets and sweaters from Target...

First we have this beautiful navy "asymmetrical" blazer...

SO easy-to-wear and versatile. You'll pick up on a little pattern throughout the rest of the post, but I came home and literally threw these jackets on with my simple white t-shirt and jeans. They all worked so well with even the simplest outfit and made it more special.
This jacket has really gorgeous faux leather detailing and the navy is so rich and beautiful. This is going to be a Fall staple of mine for sure.

Next is this SERIOUSLY fun plaid blazer...

I mean.
Crazy gorgeous and unique. This one is my favorite. Again, with the pretty faux leather detail. I love the pop of red with the stitching.
Here's another shot that shows the pretty buttons on the back of the sleeves a bit better.

Next is this really cozy, super chunky sweater...

I cant even with my cheesy side stare. I'm thinking, "Dang, I love this sweater..."

And you may notice in the little widget above I included a sweatshirt as well. Didn't get a photo in that one, but I show it in much more detail in the video below.

So let's move on to the handbags.
I know, I've gone handbag-crazy. I'm seriously on a purse ban, ya'll. I'm not even kidding. Hold me to that.
So I've always loved the pretty silhouette of the Michael Kors Selmas.  I fell in love hard with the little messenger in "dark dune", which is a really super versatile warm taupe color. LOVE that bag. Love it so much that I caved and bought the big satchel in black.
These are the ones I have...

**After posting pics of these on my Instagram, many of you had trouble finding the messenger in the "dark dune" shade. I ordered mine from Nordstrom (currently sold out), and the only place online I've currently found it is from Dillards, so I linked that up for you below. That color is apparently pretty hard to find in the studded version.

 (Yes, I paid for both of these myself, this is not sponsored, and I just have a handbag sickness)

So while I love the regular Selmas, the studded versions just really get me. Like really get me. There was some awkward and inappropriate heavy petting when they both arrived. I probably shouldn't tell you that, but just keeping it real.

Anyway, the leather is super durable and almost feels indestructible. It's called "saffiano" leather. I had a Tory Burch bag made from the exact stuff years ago that held up really well. 

Anyway, I LOVE the versatility of these. 

They're just my new favorite things, basically.  I show them in more detail in the video below.

So there you have it. Some recent fashion obsessions. Check out the video below for much more on these items and even more of my thoughts! I love them all so much...

*Oh, and as for the new Sigma brush sets that came out today, those will be up on the blog in detail tomorrow!! But you can see more about them in the video too...

Any great recent Target finds lately??

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