Benefit Rockateur.

On my birthday last month, I decided to gift myself Benefit Rockateur. After seeing some swatches floating around the blogosphere, it looked like a blush that would be right up my alley, and surprise surprise - I was so right.

Benefit Rockateur is pinky-peachy-beige with soft shimmer. The texture is smooth and soft without being powdery, and it has medium pigmentation that can be easily built up. The swatches shown below show two layers.
Although Rockateur is indeed shimmery, I find that it translates into more of a satin finish on the cheeks than a sparkley or shimmery one. It's like the much less shimmery, more muted cousin of MAC Stereo Rose. It imparts the most healthy and radiant flush of color that doesn't compete with the rest of the makeup. Definitely a great blush to add to my goes-with-everything pile.

Other things:
- Yes, it comes with one of those brushes. Yes, I threw it into my makeup drawer where I store the rest of my Benefit boxed power brushes.
- Yes, it's scented. I personally think it smells heavenly, and I can't really detect it at all once I've applied it; however, if you're sensitive to fragrances on your skin, this might be an area of concern.
- It comes with 0.17 oz of product, compared to 0.28 oz for the older boxed powders, and yet it costs the same. In some ways, I do feel a bit ripped off, but then I think about the last time I even managed to use up an entire blush and I stop being bent out of shape over it.

Overall thoughts - Must-have? No. Nice-to-have? Absolutely.

Benefit Rockateur can be purchased from Sephora for $28.


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